Local Delivery Information

Free Local Delivery? Yes, Please!

Hey plant lovers! We’re making it easier than ever to greenify your space with our hassle-free local delivery service. Here's how you can get your new leafy friends delivered straight to your door:

Delivery Fees Made Simple:

  • Orders up to $75: There’s a small $25 fee to help your plants hitch a ride to your place.
  • Orders $75 and over: Delivery is on us! Yes, totally free because we love plants (and you) that much.

📍 Stay Local, Stay Green: We're all about keeping it in the neighborhood. If you're within 15 miles of our store, you're in our green zone! Unfortunately, we can't deliver beyond this range yet—our plants told us they get homesick.

Patience is Plantastic: All good things take time, and so does our delivery. Allow us 3-5 business days to get everything sorted. We promise it's worth the wait! Once you place your order, we'll reach out to confirm the perfect date and time to deliver your plant pals.

📅 Scheduling Your Delivery: We’ll contact you to finalize delivery details because nobody likes surprises (well, except for surprise plant gifts, maybe). We aim to make your delivery as smooth as a leaf, aligning with your schedule as closely as possible.

So, ready to bring some new green buddies home? Place your order, sit back, and let us do the rest. Your plants are just a few clicks away from their new home with you!