Marble Queen Pothos
Marble Queen Pothos

Marble Queen Pothos

Marble Queen Pothos

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This resilient and easy-to-care-for plant features lush, heart-shaped leaves marbled with rich green and creamy white, creating a visual spectacle in any room.

Whether you're a seasoned plant lover or a novice looking to greenify your space, the Marble Queen Pothos is the perfect choice. It thrives in a variety of lighting conditions, from low to bright indirect light, making it ideal for apartments and offices alike. Plus, its air-purifying qualities mean it’s not just beautiful but beneficial, enhancing the air quality around you.

Caring for your Marble Queen is a breeze. Water it when the top inch of soil feels dry, and watch it grow. It’s forgiving of neglect and adaptable to various environments, which makes it perfect for both busy plant enthusiasts and those new to indoor gardening.

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